Angelina Jolie Reveals Why She 'Wouldn't Be An Actress Today'

Photo: Getty Images

If Angelina Jolie was an up-and-coming actress in today's world, she doesn't think she'd be able to stick it out. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, the iconic film actress admitted that while she'd consider stage acting, she'd stay away from Hollywood.

"I wouldn’t be an actress today," Jolie said. "When I was starting out, it wasn’t as much of an expectation to be as public, to share so much.” Even as an actor who rose to stardom before the age of social media, Jolie has had more than her fair share of public scrutiny. Especially following her 2016 divorce from Brad Pitt. “My body reacts very strongly to stress,” Jolie shared. “My blood sugar goes up and down. I suddenly had Bell’s palsy six months before my divorce.”

The actress went on to share that she doesn't "really have a social life" due to the unwanted attention she gets when she goes out in Los Angeles. She eventually wants to leave LA for good and live at her home in Cambodia. “It’s part of what happened after my divorce. I lost the ability to live and travel as freely. I will move when I can,” Jolie said. “I grew up in quite a shallow place. Of all the places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place. So you seek authenticity.”

Earlier this year, Jolie told Vogue magazine that she started doing less film work, "seven years ago, only taking jobs that didn’t require long shoots. We had a lot of healing to do. We’re still finding our footing," referring to her children.

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