MTV The Challenge's Jordan has one person he doesn't want to go against

Talking to cast members of MTV's The Challenge is my favorite. It's what got me the job I have now, and I secretly wish I had never stopped doing a weekly podcast about the show. Today I'm going back to those roots and talking to Jordan.

I started with a game of 5 Second Rule.

  • Who does he wish would retire?
  • Who does he never want to go into elimination against? [Spoiler alert: CT, CT, and CT. He's a monster, even with his dad bod, which we get into.]
  • Who would he give a win to if he could?

We also took a look at how filming happens. Why was someone always coming around to check the air quality this season? Is there ever a time the cast is without a mic and/or a camera? [Nope. Everything is recorded 24/7.]

Now that they are pulling competitors from all different reality shows, is there one show that could help prepare them for this style of competition? I say Big Brother is the closest because of the social game... but that's barely even half of what they're doing in there.

Beyond the game- Jordan and his fiancee Tori spend a lot of time making music so I wanted to touch on those creations and their new music video, plus a lot more random info! Let's get into it:

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