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#TobyTalks: The Alicia Keys Interview

Changing Lanes: A Farewell Ride with DC's Traffic Icon Lisa Baden. A #TobyTalks Original.

Consider this... the Exit Interview...

n this heartfelt and poignant episode of his iHeartRadio podcast, renowned broadcaster Toby Knapp holds a captivating conversation with the legendary Lisa Baden, a true icon of DC traffic reporting.

As Lisa signals her final exit towards a well-deserved retirement, Toby and Lisa reflect on their unique journeys, intertwined histories, and the inevitable highs and lows of DC radio.

Over the years, while Toby sculpted his "anti-Baden" style of traffic reports on Hot 99-5, it was Lisa who set the gold standard of combining traffic updates and entertainment seamlessly. Despite their differing styles, the two formed an enduring professional bond that witnessed countless stories, epic adventures, and even the occasional misadventure in the pulsating heart of DC radio.

Listen in as they delve into their five-plus years of working together, recounting memorable incidents, personal anecdotes, and the shared wisdom they've gathered along the way.

With an outlook towards Lisa's impending retirement, the conversation takes a turn towards the future and what it holds for the beloved traffic reporter.

Lisa, ever the guiding light, imparts some sage advice to Toby and the listeners, in a way that only she can.

This farewell interview is as much an end as it is a new beginning - a testament to Lisa Baden's indomitable spirit and her unwavering commitment to guiding the listeners of iHeart's Total Traffic Weather and News Network, among others, during her iconic tenure in the Nation's Capital.

Don't miss this emotional, moving, and powerfully charged conversation as Toby Knapp speaks one final time with the incomparable Lisa Baden.

Recorded on 5/31/2023, this episode is an @iHeart+Toby Knapp Original Podcast Production. Tune in and join us on this farewell journey, as we bid adieu to the irreplaceable Lisa Baden, celebrating her extraordinary career and looking ahead to her new adventures.

#TobyTalks to New York Times Food Columnist and Author Melissa Clark for Holiday Week Meal + Dessert Ideas (12/20)

#TobyTalks to New York Times Food Columnist and Author Melissa Clark for Holiday Week Meal + Dessert Ideas. With Christmas and the Festive Season in full swing, and while knowing he's hosting his daughter, a guest and his significant other, iHeartRadio's Toby Knapp turned to one of his regular "food geniuses" - New York Times Food Columnist and Author Melissa Clark for some ideas on what to make which would satisfy his daughter's picky appetite, desserts which will be easy to make at the AirBNB where they're spending the holiday and more. Also, since Toby had been recovering from COVID-19, he asked her for some recipes for comfort foods and soups which can help not just with COVID, but also with the FLU and RSV and other 'things' which are going around. This is the full interview you may have heard on stations across our iHeartNation this week. (12/20)


This morning, I woke up to #RSV being one of the top trending topics across our iHeartNation and even now, as I write this, it's still one of the top trending topics - and concerns - for people from coast to coast. That's when I decided to reach out to The Pediatrician Mom on Instagram to ask her if she'd give us a few minutes to talk about RSV, how concerned we need to be about this AND while we're at it, let's get her take, as a MOM and DOCTOR about the state of COVID right now, the coming FLU season and what we should do - and not do - when it comes to consulting the notorious DOC GOOGLE about these things. She's open to your questions via DM on Insta (@thepediatricianmom) and on her website > < so feel free to ask her whatever concerns you! (iHeartRadio's Toby Knapp with The Pediatrician Mom Dr. Krupa Playforth, M.D.). Recorded 26 October 2022. An iHeartRadio/Today's Mix/TK production)

#TobyTalk: About you and your luck on Friday the 13th

From MY995 SLC, a #TobyTalk about, well, you. And LUCK on this Friday the 13th. Apologies, it's been a crazy week, and I have two more #TobyTalks to upload when I can today so check back often, too, k?! (Toby Knapp for iHeartRadio; @tobyknapp - Insta; @tkradio - Twitter; @tobyknappON - Facebook.

The voicemail Toby Knapp's mom left about his Mother's Day Gift... of FAKE plants!

From 97.1 WASH-FM in DC. Toby sent his mom an arrangement for Mother's Day, but there was just one problem: Half of the ARRANGEMENT was made up of FAKE PLANTS. Yeah. FAKE. Here's the VOICEMAIL his mom left him with the big reveal. Was this a Mom's Day FAIL or just one of those things you have to deal with? Check this out. (WASH-FM DC/Toby Knapp for iHeartRadio)

#TobyTalk: Don't dwell. Keep it moving (5/9)

From My99-5 SLC this AM, I was just thinking about you and this came to mind. It's the #TobyTalk for Monday. And, it's about not dwelling and keeping whatever "it" is in this life... moving! You've got this. We both do. A different version of this same bit will air on #TodaysMix at 2:10 this Afternoon. (My995; Toby Knapp for iHeartRadio)

#TobyTalk: Tuesday (5/3)

#TobyTalk - Tuesday 5/3 - the My99-5 edition: Today, we talk about clutter in life. What do we do with it? Why do we keep it? I was thinking about you and all of this came to mind... welcome to the #TobyTalk for today. (Toby Knapp for iHeartRadio/My99-5. @tkradio - Twitter; @tobyknappON - Facebook; @tobyknapp - Instagram).

#TobyTalk: I was thinking about you and this came to mind... about civility. (5/2)

#TobyTalk: I was thinking about you and this came to mind... about civility. (5/2) This is from the My 99-5 show, usually happening at 9:50 local time. I clear my mind, think about you and speak whatever comes out. Welcome to this new week and the #TobyTalk for Monday.

#TobyTalk: I was thinking about you and the power of your dreams today... (4/27)

This is the AM edition of the #TobyTalk which you heard on My99-5 in SLC, and you'll hear at 14:10 on our #TodaysMix stations across our iHeartNation. I was thinking about the power of dreams, and how, having one dream and going after it, can change the world. Have a listen. (Toby Knapp for iHeartRadio; @tobyknappON - Facebook; @tobyknapp@Instagram; @tkradio - Twitter. Recorded 4/27/2022